Argumentative Essay Topics How to Choose the Brilliant Argumentative Essay Topics

Traditionally, an argumentative essay might be assigned both at high school and college. However, the students are likely to get lost even at the very beginning of the writing process when choosing the suitable argumentative essay topics . As far as selecting the right topic is a key point when it comes to argument essay writing, let us assist you in your searches for the winning essay topics.

Features of the Applicable Argumentative Essay Topics

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Briefly, to reach the desired effect, your argumentative essay should have a strong and verifiable arguments pertaining to the discussed issue. While you communicate your own viewpoint on the burning issue, you need to check if you support it with the convincing reasons, proofs, evidences and facts. As a writer, youre supposed to induce your reader into accepting your point of view. But at the same time, you should consider the opposing views as well. В Thanks to this approach, your argument essay will sound convincing and reasonable.

In general, the perfect argumentative essay topics should be:

  • Controversial controversy always catches the attention of your target audience.
  • Unique try to approach your topic in a unique manner.
  • Interesting to make people appreciate your essay, you need to ensure that the topic sustains their interest.

List of Argumentative Essay Topics

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To make your essay writing task much easier, our professors at provide you with the following list of the most popular argumentative essay topics that you are welcome to practise your essay writing on.

  • Should we use animals for the scientific researches?
  • What is the appropriate age for dating?
  • Advertisements: promotion and manipulation
  • Are cell phones dangerous?
  • Should mercy killing be made legal?
  • What role does the age play in the relationships?
  • Should we obey fashion?
  • Is there any competition in college admission?
  • Can religion cause war?
  • How fair is our election process?
  • What is the influence of mass media on society?
  • Death penalty and its consequences
  • Should we impose a ban on smoking in public places?
  • Global warming and its effect
  • The aim of capital punishment
  • Are we dependent on the technology?
  • Is it safe to take plastic surgery?
  • Should gay marriages be legalized?

These are just the most frequently assigned argumentative essay topics that can do you a good turn in the future once you face this task. If you analyze each topic, youll notice that all of them require an opposing standpoint. So writing you argument essay, make sure that both sides are mentioned. Paragraph

At , we can deliver you a needed essay help when it comes to any writing on any subject. All academic papers, including persuasive essays or expository essays , will be covered before the expected deadlines and with all kept requirements.

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