It’s the story of seven wicked beings, and the lone soul who dared to betray their rule.

It’s the story of your vengeance.

Anima is my “thesis” for my master’s in videogame design and programming. It was developed in collaboration with two other students under the name of a bonfire of souls. It’s an old-school RPG that draws heavily from the likes of both Baldur’s Gate and Dragon Age. It’s main focus was giving the player options to deal with the various obstacles in their path, without restricting their verbs when interacting with the environment.

As far as projects go, the final version was a bit of a letdown – we were just three guys with very lofty and ambitious goals, but we didn’t have the skills yet (and certainly not the time) to bring the puppy home. Still, it was a great learning experience when it comes to animation and project management, so I wouldn’t call it a total loss ;)

If you want to get a description that is a bit more marketing-savvy, you can go to the project’s homepage here.

Year: 2015
Tools: Unity, Visual Studio, 3DS Max, Maya, Photoshop.