AnimationTester is a way to test the animations for your game in-engine, without having to create an ad-hoc controller every single time.

If you’re an animator (like I was during my game development master’s), you’re familiar with the pain that is testing your creations in Unity. You either have faith on the small preview window in the inspector (which is…not the best, when you want to gauge whether your animation works in actual gameplay), or you have to fiddle with the controller by changing the default state, creating temporary transitions, or set the variables in code *shudder*.

Well, to that I say:

Screw controller juggling!

With AnimationTester, you are free to create the proper controller for your animation, and then see your animations in action without having to fiddle about with the controller. Instead, just fire AnimationTester up in a scene: it will automatically pick up on all objects with an Animator or an Animation, and it will let you select any animation in each. Press Play, and that’s it!

AnimationTester - Use


How to use AnimationTester

  1. Play the scene you want to test your character in;
  2. Open the AnimationTester window; a list with all gameobjects with an Animator/Animation will appear;
  3. When you select one the clips contained in its controller, press Play and enjoy!

How does AnimationTester work?

The process is simple: first AnimationTester finds all objects with an Animator/Animation component in the scene. Then it analyzes each animator controller for the states in its state machine (which have a 1:1 relation with the controller’s animations) and when you press Play it  creates a new animator, in which the clip you selected is the default one. But when you exit Unity’s play mode, the original controller will be back in its place, no fiddling required, or if the component is an Animation it doesn’t need to change anything at all!

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