Disaster Theatre

“You’re the director of the hot new theatre play in town, but your actors are being completely useless!

Some of them learned the wrong script, and it’s your job to make them behave!”

Disaster Theatre was my first experience as a 2D animator. Since the team was fairly big, the art team was very compartimentalized, and I took charge of animating all characters.

While I think the project fairly accomplished for what it set out to be (although we all know it would need a ton of work to become a “good” game”, my opinion is somewhat divided when it comes to my part, specifically the quality of my work. There are animations with great personality like Wolf and Juliet, and mediocre ones that are still understandable, like Romeo and the Witch, but others…not so much. Farmer’s animation is useless at best and confusing at worst, and a few are too subtle in their expression, like Priest when he’s crossing himself. All in all they do their job, and it was my first time animating in 2D, but they’d need a lot of cleaning before I’d be completely happy with them.

In closing, I consider Disaster Theatre a successful experiment. The game itself is not bad at all, the art and music are nice, and the mix between gameplay and animation is very funny (try looking at Red Riding Hood scaring the Wolf and not smile :)), plus I learned a metric ton of stuff. After three days animating day and night, let me tell you, I was friggin’ fluent in Spine, it was second nature! This is one of the things I absolutely love about Jams, they are very conductive to learning ;)

If you didn’t already, I encourage you to take the game for a spin, you may be pleasantly surprised!

Year: 2015
Event: Ludum Dare #32, “Unconventional Weapons”
Tools: Unity, Spine