EditorPrefs Editor

EditorPrefs Editor on the Unity Asset Store!

I hate having to deal with EditorPrefs through code. It’s messy, there’s lots of strings moving around, and sometimes I just want to make sure I start from a blank slate.

But I have to do it in code, which is way slower than it needs to be.

EPEditor to the rescue!

EditorPrefs Editor - 1

Want visual tracking of EditorPrefs, and see the type, key and value of each? You got it.


Add new EditorPrefs without sacrificing your first born to the gods

EditorPrefs Editor - 2

Click on the plus sign. Select the type, key, and value, and BAM, there it is! And it also gets added to the actual EditorPrefs, of course.


In the middle of a project? No problem!

EditorPrefs Editor - 3

I was in the middle of CodeTODOs when I developed this entire extension. You know your keys and types already, you can add them to the others easily with the Get button.


I know I said int, but I really meant bool

EditorPrefs Editor - 4

I know, I know, we all make mistakes. With EPEditor, you can click on that nice Edit button, and you can modify everything about that pref. Don’t like the type? Change it. Stupid key name? Change it. Not-really-what-you-wanted value? CHAAAANGE IT!


My EditorPrefs are beyond salvation. Please help.

EditorPrefs Editor - 5

I don’t usually recommend this, but you do have the nuclear option to remove all EditorPrefs.

I thought about adding a small nuclear explosion animation, but that seems a bit too much.


I don’t like dark interfaces or cool icons, what do I do?!

EditorPrefs Editor - 6

I think three quarters of development time actually went into the interface, so if you want to change colours and stuff you can just hop over to preferences and change ’em up! You can set whether you use icons or text button, light or dark themes, and really get to customizing what you see.


It’s Open-motherflapping-Source

EditorPrefs Editor - 7

Open Source is the bread and butter of both the client- and server- side of my day job. I felt like making this tool open source for anybody to use as a base or edit or improve or whatever was the least I could do :) It’s on GitHub!

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EditorPrefs Editor on the Unity Asset Store!