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TODOs is a small “task list” extension for Unity I created, inspired by these two (1 and 2) articles from Joost van Dongen. In them, the idea of a QQQ, a marker for something that must be kept in mind or registered in some way, is introduced.

Since reading about the QQQ, I’ve started using to mark any improvement I think of in the moment: hacks I need to get rid of, things I need to remember to implement, small optimizations, and all sorts of other such things.

What TODOs offers is an integrated way to add and manage such tasks. You don’t need to go through a menu and fill out a bunch of fields to add them to the list, you just write a comment starting with QQQ (or whatever you want), two button presses on the interface, and voilá! It’s the TODO list you have in most IDEs, but made better and with less upkeep!


TODOs to the rescue!

CodeTODOs 1 - Add task

Just add a comment with QQQ in it, and everything after the QQQ will be considered a task.



Prioritize tasks

CodeTODOs - multiple priorities


QQQs have a “normal” priority by default. You can make the priority explicit (either urgent, normal or minor) by putting a number right after the QQQ:

  • QQQ1 means urgent;
  • QQQ2 means normal;
  • QQQ3 means minor.

Tasks will be automatically ordered by priority, from urgent ones to minor ones.



Complete tasks cleanly

CodeTODOs - Complete tasks


Marking a task as complete  in the interface also removes the comment that generated it, so that you are not left with superfluous code. Now with sterner warnings!



Linked to your code editor of choice

Code TODOs - Open editor


TODOs wouldn’t be really useful without  the ability of opening the script you want directly by clicking on its name, would it? ;)


Customize like you mean it

Code TODOs - Customization

I spend 90% of my time developing TODOs making sure everything in the UI works well. I do it because I love you <3 and also hate ugly interfaces </3


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